Robert Andrew Hore, the eldest child of William and Margaret, born in 1848 in Shellharbour, NSW. He married Margaret McInnes, born 1849 at Bowna, Albury, on 24th July 1881 at St Patrick’s Albury.







Robert and Margaret raised their family in the Albury district, Robert having lived in Tallgarno since the age of 2 years old.. Their Sunny Corner property was located in Wagra on the northern banks of the Murray River and to the east of Albury. The property was originally part of the estate of Robert’s uncle, John Hore junior, who bequesthed the property to his nephew after his 1895 death.

The Wagra homestead was an impressive building and Robert and Margaret were well-known for their hospitality. Their expansive dining room with its impressive dance floor was a regular venue for large gatherings.

The property, like all the others in the area, was primarily a wheat and sheep farm, with pigs as well. A disastrous bushfire just before Christmas 1909 took a toll on the region.

Possibly as a result of this fire in 1910 Jessie Hore, the youngest daughter of Robert and Margaret, wrote a letter to the children’s column of the Albury Banner newspaper describing the 50 cows her father now owned on their dairy farm. Other farmers in the area were also turning to dairying, although a lack of a railway link was believed to be a major impediment to success. Other issues that dairy farmers faced were detailed elsewhere in the Albury Banner.

The change to dairying was not a success and Robert and his brother John dissolved their partnership and sold their cows and Robert and Margaret purchased a house in Wodonga Place, Albury for their retirement.

Robert and Margaret had 11 children, 6 sons and 5 daughters. Robert died on March 19, 1919 and is buried in the Albury Cemetery. Margaret died on April 28, 1938. At the time of her death she was living with her daughter, Annie Murray in her Wyse Street home. Margaret is buried with Robert.

Children of the Marriage:

Mary Esther born October 7, 1881 at Wagra, NSW. She married Walter Barlow in Albury in 1906. They had 5 children: Neva, Walter, Margaret, Eric and Mary. Mary died May 23, 1918, at Wagra, NSW.

Arthur Ernest born September 4, 1882, at Wagra, NSW. Arthur died October 7, 1951, at Albury, NSW

Alice Eva born January 3, 1884, at Wagra, NSW. She married George Osborne in Albury in 1910. they had 10 children: Phyllis, Keith, Wilga, Annie, Horace (Served WW2), Campbell (Served WW2), Vivienne, Hazel, George and Shirley. Alice died in 1973 at Ashfield, NSW.

Herbert Alan born August 8, 1885, at Wagra, NSW. He married Ada Parnaby in 1906 at Albury, NSW. They had 7 children: Robert (Served in WW2), Jean, John, Colin, Herbert, Ivan (Served WW2) and Raymond.

Sydney West born July 29, 1888, at Wagra, NSW. He married Leila Boutcher in 1919 at Albury, NSW. They had 6 children: Geoffrey (Served WW2), Sidney, Athol (Served WW2), Lola, Nancy, and Robert. Sydney died December 14, 2003, Gundagai, NSW.

Margaret Rose born February 4, 1889, Wagra, NSW. She married Samule Appleton in 1917 in Albury, NSW. They had 5 children: Margery, Margaret, Robert (Served WW2), keith and Gretta.

Donald Andrew born June 1, 1891, Wagra, NSW. He married Sarah Appleton in 1915 in Albury, NSW. They had 3 children: Nona, Mary and Eric. Donald died July 13, 1962, in Wangaratta, VIC.

Annie Catherine born December 6, 1894 at Wagra, NSW. She married John Murray in 1918, at Albury, NSW. They had 2 chikdren: Robert (Served WW2) and John (Served WW2). Annie died December 1, 1966, in Albury, NSW.

Robert Martin born August 1, 1897, at Wagra, NSW. He died January 11, 1976, Albury, NSW.

Jessie Matilda born September 8, 1899, at Wagra, NSW. She married Harold Falk in 1925, in Albury, NSW. they had 5 children: Kevin, Noel, Harold, Donald and Ann. Jessie died March 3, 1969, in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

William Stanley born December 19,1901, at Wagra, NSW. He married Amy Nugent in 1926 at Albury, NSW. They had 6 children: Shirley, Darryl, Raymond, Donald, James and Max. William died January 10, 1979, Albury, NSW.