Homer Family

Thomas Homer was born February 22nd, 1795, at Cerne Abbas, Dorset, England. Mary Ann Pitman was born on January 31, 1802, in Melcombe Horsey, Dorset, England.

Mary Anne Homer was the youngest daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Pitman Homer and was baptised on January 28, 1830, in Cerne Abbas, Dorsetshire, England. Along with her parents and five siblings, Matthew, Charles, Thomas, John and Hannah, Mary Ann arrived in Sydney on the “Kinnear” on December 8, 1839.

The Homer family were bounty immigrants, supported by Edward Macarthur, son of John and Elizabeth, who worked on the Macarthur’s Camden and Richlands estates.

It is possible that John was part of the large convict labour force utilised by the Macarthur’s to construct buildings on their 38,000-acre property as well as in nearby Taralga and that this was how the Homer family met John Venables.



Mary Anne Pittman Homer died in November 1943 and is buried at Cobbity, NSW. Thomas Died on July 24, 1861 in Melbourne, Victoria.

John married Mary Anne Homer, both from Richlands, on December 13, 1844, at St. Saviours.

Records show that John and Mary Ann had up to 4 children, Sarah and George, who was born in 1856, are the only ones for whom records exist.

Mary Ann married James Marsh in March 1856 at Wangaratta, Victoria, and their marriage certificate states that she had lost two children and that she was widowed on September 11, 1855.  George Venables died shortly after this marriage. Mary Ann had 6 more children with James Marsh and died on January 13, 1871, in Moorwatha, NSW, at the birth of her son David Marsh.