Christian Falk and Sarah Venables

Christian and Sarah lived at Bungowannah, which is about 16 kilometres west of Albury, on a property possibly named Dam Creek.

Charles and Amy Falk


Lutheran Evangelical Church, Jindera                                  The main street of Jindera

Charles Falk and Amy (nee Dopper) lived in Jindera NSW. Charles owned a block of land in Mitchell Street, close to the corner of Dight Street, overlooking open space as shown above left. The land is shown on an 1889 map of Jindera below. Also shown is the approximate location of the home of George and Louisa Dopper, Amy’s parents.

1889 Map of Jindera NSW

Charles and Amy were married in the Jindera Evangelical Church and raised their 5 children in Jindera. The children attended school in nearby Glen Ellen. Charley was employed as a road contractor.

Charley boiling the copper at Glenellen school picnic day in possibly 1925.

Electoral Roll data shows that Charley was living in Brae Springs, near Gerogery, in 1903. Women were able to vote however voting was voluntary and the voting age was 21 and thus Amy was not eligible to vote. Compulsory voting was introduced prior to the 1925 elections however the first enrolment found for Amy shows her living at 608 Jones Street, Albury. Charles and Amy were still at this address until at least 1937.

In 1943 both Charles and Amy were enroled to vote, showing their address as Poole Street Albury.

In 1957, at the time of Charley’s death, their address was still Poole Street, Albury. In 1970 when Amy died she was living at 737 Jones Street Albury, the home of her daughter Phyllis.

Jones Street (green pin), David Street (red pin). Poole Street is above the park near the green pin.

Harold and Jessie Falk

Harold Charles William Falk was born in 1904 and at the time of his birth his parents, Charley and Amy, were living at 587 David Street Albury. When Louisa Dopper (nee Lange) died her address was also listed as 587 David Street Albury.

Harold and Jessie were married in December 1925 and were living in Jindera when Kevin was born in September 1926.

When Noel was born in March 1928 the family was living at Gerogery. This home was a 4 room house with no bathroom or laundry and no running water. Instead, the family accessed water from tanks and used a copper in the yard to wash clothes. At this time Harold did not have consistent work and life was probably difficult for them.

In June 1940 the family of 4 boys moved to Tullamore, west of Parkes and Dubbo. Harold at this time had employment as a fettler, track worker, on the railway. The family of 4 boys moved into this house in June 1940 with Jessie remaining in Albury prior to the birth of Ann. Jessie and Ann remained in Albury for a few weeks after the birth as Jessie was unwell. Eventually, Don, aged 8, and possibly his father, accompanied Jessie and Ann to Tullamore on the train from Albury to Tullamore, probably a long, cold, and indirect journey.

They lived in two different houses in Tullamore, the first home was a 2 room house with no running water but it did have a verandah. This house was of a very poor standard and the family soon moved to a larger home. This house had a compacted dirt floor and linoleum. The walls were made of railway sleepers and the inside walls were lined with paper. Tullamore was a very dry and dusty area. Kevin worked for the butcher while they lived in Tullamore.

By 1943 the family was living in Humula, having moved there in March 1941. In comparison to Tullamore, Humula was very green and there was clean running creek water available. The 4 room house had no bath or laundry. The photo below shows Ann as a toddler on the steps of the Humula property as well as standing on the street with a Church in the background. The Church is possibly the Union Church, built in 1889 and located on Mate Street in Humula. It alternated Sunday Services between the Church of England and Presbyterian Services. The school had an air-raid shelter, which was appropriate as it was wartime. Harold senior boarded at Tumbarumba for periods of time while the family lived at Humula. He rode his bike there and back.


Mate Street, Humula

In 1949 the family show up in Yerong Creek, the exact date of arrival is unclear but could have been 1943. Electoral enrolments show the address as Cole Street Yerong Creek.

While the family lived at Yerong Creek Harold attended school, having been awarded a bursary, in Albury at the Christian Brothers Albury and lived with his grandparents Charles and Amy in their Poole Street home. In 1945 the railway arrived at Yerong Creek and Don and Harold were able to catch the train to school each day, a 2-hour journey each way.

Yerong Creek home

Harold and Jessie moved one last time to Northcott Parade Wagga where they were residing when they died.

Kevin and Margaret Falk


Kevin and Margaret were married on July 5th 1952 at Henty. From 1949 – 1958 electoral rolls showed that Kevin lived at Cole Street Yerong Creek. In 1958 they were living at Arthur Street, Narranderra. By 1963 their address was Foster Street Goulburn and then in 1968 they had moved to Elizabeth Street Goulburn. Margaret still lives at Chantilly Court, Goulburn.

Noel and Marie Falk

1949 Blackalls

1954 – 1958 Menangle stationmaster

1963 Woodstock

1968 Dubbo

1972 Whitton Lane,  Harden

1977 – Station Residence Griffith

1980 Junee Stationmaster


Harold and Maureen Falk

When Harold arrived in Sydney to study his electrical diploma he boarded in several suburbs including 219 Victoria Street Ashfield. Maureen moved with her family from Grenfell to Yagoona in Sydney in 1945. Harold boarded with them at 23 Sutherland Street also. In 1958 Harold and Maureen were married and they moved into their newly built home in Tewinga Road Birrong in 1959.

Donald and Carmel Falk

Don and Carmel lived in Northcott Parade, Wagga Wagga from 1972.

In 1977 they moved to Forster, Seaview Street.

Ann and William Higgins

Ann and Bill lived at “Marcinelle”, Mangoplah from their marriage in 1968.

Jindera 150th Anniversary Event Reunion