Tony’s Maternal Family Tree

June Dorothy Crawford

Father: Alan Hogarth Crawford.                                           Ruby (centre) and Alan (right) with Sue

Born 21st June 1894, Adelaide SA.

Married 1924 in Sydney to Ruby Beryl McGarvey.

Lived at St John’s Flats, Blair Street, Bondi in 1930.

Died 28th January 1960, Sydney.

Mother: Ruby Beryl McGarvey.

Born 27th January 1907, Sydney.

Lived at 23 Kitchener St, Maroubra in 1972.

Died 28th Dec 1988, Sydney.


Paternal Grandfather: James Hogarth Crawford.

Born 19th July 1850, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.

Arrived 14th November 1869 onboard the “Hawarden Castle” as an assisted immigrant. Occupation listed as a beekeeper.

Married 6th February 1879, Stansbury, SA to Rhoda Louise Hummerston.     (photo below)

Died 31st January 1934, Manly, NSW.

Paternal Grandmother: Rhoda Louise Hummerston.

Born 25th October 1859, Geelong, Vic.

Died 1st January 1924, Randwick, NSW.


Other children of their marriage:

Olive (1888 – 1879); Married David Rouse. (Photo right).

Graham (1890 – ).

Walter; Married Victoria Lily Farrington.

Ivy (1894 – 1922); Married Norman Walgers and John McMahon.



Maternal Grandfather: Arthur Henry McGarvey.

Born 18th July 1878, Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

Married May 18,1907 in Sydney to Ruby Louise Wardell.

Died 11th June 1919, Sydney.

Maternal Grandmother: Ruby Louise Wardell.

Born 1883, Sydney.

Died 1954, Sydney.

Other children of their marriage:

Mary Edith (1909 – 1910).


First Paternal Great Grandfather: John Crawford.

Born 1811, Portmoak, Kinross-shire, Scotland.

Married about 1834 to Julia Hogarth.

Died 1892,  Sidcup, Kent, England.                                                        

First Paternal Great Grandmother: Julia Hogarth.

Born 1818, Bonnington, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Died 10th July 1855, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.

                  Other children of their marriage:

Buria (1835 – ).

John (1840_).

Walter (1841 – 1898)

Robert (1846 -).

Christine (1848 -).

James (1850 – 1934).

Julia (1852 -).


Second Paternal Great Grandfather: Michael Hummerston.

Born 1829, Epping, Essex, England.

Transported for 7 years as a convict on the “Maitland”. Convicted of stealing 2 crowns on 11th March 1845, aged 17, in Middlesex. Between his conviction and his transfer to the convict ship, Michael would have been imprisoned on a prison hulk. Departed 22nd June 1846.  Arrived Port Phillip 9 November 1846. Occupation listed as a shoemaker.

The 648-ton ship ‘Maitland’ was under the command of Captain John Gray and was said to have begun her voyage on May 22, 1846. She then travelled to the Isle of Wight where she took on 72 Parkhurst boys. She left there on June 22, 1846, and is said to have finally set out from Spithead on June 29 on her way to the Port Phillip Settlement (Victoria). She arrived on October 27, 1846. The Parkhurst boys were among the 291 male convicts who were sentenced to transportation and were discharged in Williamstown on November 24, 1846. 1499 Parkhurst boys, juvenile prisoners from the Isle of Wight’s  Parkhurst prison, were transported to Australia and New Zealand on the condition that they never returned to England and were immediately granted a pardon if they undertook an apprenticeship in the colonies. Some of the boys on the ‘Maitland’ were a similar age to Michael Hummerston but he was not a Parkhurst boy.

Married 27th April 1854 in Melbourne, Victoria, to Charlotte Honey.

Died 28th October 1897, Perth WA.

Second Paternal Great Grandmother: Charlotte Honey.

Born 13th September 1835, South Petherwin, Cornwall, England.

Arrived 3rd May 1847 onboard the “Theresa” with her mother, 4 sisters, 3 brothers and a brother-in-law.

The shipping record shows:

HONEY, Mary, (nee Goodman), widow, aged 49.

HONEY, Kezia (twin), born 1826.

HONEY, Mary (twin), born 1826.

HONEY, Thomas Goodman, born 1828.

HONEY, John, born 1830.

HONEY, Maria, born 1831.

HONEY, Charlotte, born 1834.

HONEY, Richard, born 1840. Ethel Rose Honey, the daughter of Richard and his wife Mary Ann (nee Reynolds) was married to Sir Harry Augustus Twyford, Lord Mayor of London, 1937.

JONAS, John and wife Betsy Goodman, nee Honey.

The ‘Theresa’, emigrant ship from London made the whole passage to Adelaide in 104 days. By this arrival, we have an addition of 239 souls to the population of the colony. Three small children died during the voyage, and four births took place. The emigrants were from Buckinghamshire, Devon, Cornwall and Ireland. 
The males included 32 miners, 33 agricultural labourers and farm servants, 5 carpenters, 1 blacksmith, 1 shoemaker and 3 masons or bricklayers. The females included 30 domestic servants and 4 dressmakers.

The newly-arrived expressed their entire satisfaction with the quality and quantity of the provisions, and the water (which was filtered before being taken on board) was good all the way. On arrival and after the muster had taken place, the emigrants gave three cheers for Doctor Gordon. The proposer of the cheer designated Dr Gordon “the conservator of health and the lover of peace”. Three cheers followed for the ship. 

Died 5th October 1876, Malmsbury, Victoria.

       Other children of their marriage:

Clara Ann Maria (1855 – 1893), married Daniel Tapley in South Australia. They had 3 daughters, Edith, Olive and Ida.

Rosaline Helena (1858 – 1859). Born and died in Steiglitz, Victoria.

Charles Francis (1861 – 1930), married Elizabeth Watson. They had 2 sons and a daughter, Lindsay, Horace and Gladys.

Henry Augustus (1862 – 1932), married Eliza Emily Goldsmith. They had 2 sons, Henry and Douglas.

Edith Maude (1865 – 1939), married Frederick Pearce.

Richard Ernest (1867 – 1936), married Catherine Jane Goldsmith. Richard served in WW1. They had 3 sons, Richard, Harold and Leonard and 2 daughters, Eliza and Annie.

Lillian Rose (1869 – 1957), married John Paul Overton. They had 2 sons Harold and Jack and a daughter, Myra.

Adela Victoria (1872 – ), married Harold Dowson


First Maternal Great Grandfather: Daniel McGarvey.

Born 1836, Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland.

Arrived in Sydney 19th June 1854 onboard the ‘Nimroud’ as an assisted immigrant.

Married about 9th July 1857 in Sydney to Sarah Bowers.

Died 4th April 1880, Woolloomooloo, NSW.

First Maternal Great Grandmother: Sarah Bowers.

Born 8th May 1838 in Sydney, NSW.

Died 14th July 1906, Redfern, NSW.

         Other children of their marriage:

William James (1860 – 1944), married Agnes Barron. They had one son, William. Agnes died in 1882 and William married Alice Berry. They had 2 sons and 3 daughters, Kate, Elsie, Alice, Jack and Ernest. 

Mary Jane (1862 – 1930). Mary McGarvey was Matron of the Church of England Home for Girls, first at Glebe and then at Carlingford.  In 1929 at Carlingford they built her a special building to house orphaned and needy girls and named it “The Mary McGarvey Home.”  Mary worked for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney for 34 years.   She resigned in 1930 due to ill health. (


The Mary McGarvey building ais shown left as it appears on Google Maps as part of the Church of Christ College, 216 Pennant Hills Road, Oatlands.



Sarah (1864 – 1927), married William Newby Fraser.

Daniel Ernest (1868 – 1947), married Rachel Sarah Englestoff. They had one child, Rachel.


Second Maternal Great Grandfather: Sydney Stewart Wardell.

Born 1850, Durham County, England.

Arrived in Melbourne 27th December 1875 onboard the “Sobraon”.

Married 1878 in Sydney, NSW, to Emily Eliza Flint.

Died 1884, Sydney, NSW.

Second Maternal Great Grandmother: Emily Eliza Flint.

Born 1857, Tambaroora, near Sofala, NSW.

Died 24th November 1945, Randwick, NSW.

         Other children of their marriage:

Montague Oliver (1878 – 1933), married Clara Gilmore. Married Margaret Daley They had 4 sons and one daughter, Montague (served in World War 2), Basil, Sydney (served in WW2), Oliver and Thelma.

Basil Walter (1880 – ), married Florence Walton. They had one son, Basil. Basil junior served in World War 2.


First Paternal Great-Great-Grandfather: David Crawford.

Born 11th April 1785 in Abbotshall, Fife, Scotland.                                                        

Married 10th February 1808 in Edinburgh, Scotland to Helen Darcy Hall.

Died 17th March 1855 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

First Paternal Great-Great-Grandmother: Helen Darcy Hall.

Born 1785, London, England.

Died about 1820, Scotland.


Fourth Paternal Great-Great-Grandfather: Thomas Honey.

Born 25th February 1798 in South Petherwin, Cornwall, England.

Married 16th May 1824 Launceston, Cornwall, England to Mary Ann Goodman.

Died 6th February 1942 in South Petherwin, Cornwall, England.

Fourth Paternal Great-Great-Grandmother: Mary Ann Goodman.

Born 1798 in St Minver, Cornwall, England.

Arrived 3rd May 1847 onboard the “Theresa” with her 4 daughters, 3 sons and a son-in-law.

Died 16th June 1851 in Port Adelaide, South Australia.


Second Maternal Great-Great-Grandfather: James Bowers.

Born 9th December 1804, London, England.

Transported for 7 years as a convict on the “Speke”. Convicted of stealing 7 handkerchiefs, valued at 20 shillings from George Walker, of Orange Street Bloomsbury in November 1825, aged 20, in The Old Bailey, London. Arrived Sydney 26th November 1826.

The Speke departed Sheerness on 8th August 1826 with one hundred and fifty-six male prisoners who had come from different counties in England and Scotland. Their crimes ranged from pickpocketing, forgery and shoplifting to highway robbery and manslaughter.

When they arrived in Sydney the prisoners were housed on the prison hulk ‘Phoenix’ and were assigned to commence operations on Goat Island in constructing a dock-yard and quarries were immediately formed.

James Bowers (Powell) was also an inmate of the Hyde Park Barracks

Married 1832 to Mary Broderick.

Died 27th June 1869, 6 Mary Street, Surry Hills, NSW.

Second Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother: Mary Broderick.

Born 1816, London, England.

Arrived 11th October 1832 onboard the “Renown”. Her 8-pound bounty was paid by Mr. Morgan


Died 20th May 1851, Camperdown, NSW.

         Other children of their marriage:

John James  (1833 – 1917), married Jane Collins. They had 4 sons and 2 daughters, Harriet, James, Alfred, Edward, Charles and Isabella. Family photograph left.

Thomas (1835 – 1902).

Jane (1836 – 1837).

Joseph (1840 – 1902).

Mary Ann (1842 – 1934), married Alfred Hanslow. They had 3 sons and 7 daughters, Theresa, Elizabeth, Alfred, Ada, Florence, Ettie, Maud, Amy, Archibald and Percival.

Elizabeth (1844 – 1924), married Samuel Lintern.

Charlotte (1846 – 1914), married Alfred Smith. They had 1 son, Albert.

Rebecca (1848 – 1896), married Robert White. They had one daughter, Louisa.


Fourth Maternal Great-Great-Grandfather: William Stone Flint.

Born 15th June 1828, Surry, England.

Arrived Melbourne on 12th April 1853 onboard the “Monteagle”.

Married 11th August 1856, Tambaroora, NSW to Mary Ann Martin

Died 27th December 1870, Redfern, NSW.

Fourth Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother:  Mary Ann Martin.

Born 13th June 1839, Grosvenor St, Sydney, NSW.

Died 31st August 1897, Redfern, NSW.

      Other children of their marriage:

Clara Elizabeth (1858 – 1945), married Frederick Lakin. They had 3 sons and 2 daughters, Edward, Ruby, Emily, Sidney and Harry.

Louisa Therese (photograph left) (1860 – 1900), married David Blessington. They had 3 sons and 5 daughters, Constance, Maud, Ida, Muriel, Vincent, Cecil, Leonard and Beryl.

William Everett (1862 – 1932), married Sarah Bridge. They had 1 son and 3 daughters, William, Ivy, Marjorie and Nellie.

Nicholas Edward (1864 – 1957), married Ellen Frampton. They had 3 sons and one daughter, Edward, Alfred, Wilfred and Deborah.

John Thomas (1866 – 1945), married Catherine Quinlan. They had 6 sons and 3 daughters, Kathleen, John, Wallace, Ernest, Pearl, Henry, William, Francis and Lillian.

Harry James (1868 – 1934), married Sarah Sloane. They had 6 sons and 4 daughters, Lillian, Ivy, Mary, Harry, John, Sarah, George, Arthur, Stanley and Herbert.

Ernest Horatio (1874 – 1875).


Eighth Maternal Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Arthur Richard Martin.

Born about 1808, Sydney, NSW. Occupation Baker.

Married 28th January 1828 at St Philips Sydney to Ann Trainer.

Died 30th September 1873, Woolloomooloo, NSW.

Eighth Maternal Great-Great-Great-Grandmother:  Ann Trainer.

Born about 1814 in Sydney.

Died 12th November 1853 in Union Street, Camperdown, NSW.

       Other children of their marriage:

Ann (1826 – 1901), married George Smith (deceased) and Maurice Bullivant. Children of her second marriage were Francis, Charles, Maurice, Sydney, Gerard, Adelaide, Ernest, Florence and Montague.

Jane (1833 – 1899), married William South. They had 4 sons and 4 daughters, Ann, William, Edwin, Lily, Alfred, Emma, Florence and Thomas.


Fifteenth Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Arthur M. Martin

Born in 1770 in County Louth, Ireland.

Transported to Sydney for life on 11th February 1796, aged 24, onboard the Marquis of Cornwall. Convicted for Break and Enter as he tried to enter a property previously owned by him. Certificate of Freedom issued 31st January 1814. He was a weaver by trade.

Married Carolyn Cochrane, nee Humphries.

Died 11 April 1853, Sydney, NSW.

Fifteenth Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Carolyn Cochrane, nee Humphries.

Born 1780, England.

Married George Cochrane, 1798, in England. He was also transported on the Earl of Cornwallis in 1801. They had 2 children – Mark and Caroline – who presumably remained in England.

Transported to Sydney, arrived on 12th June 1801 on the Earl of Cornwallis. Her trial was in May 1799 in London.

Died 23 June 1846, Sydney, NSW.

Other children of their marriage:

Catherine (1803 – ), married Michael Murphy.

James (1806 – 1833), married Susannah Lake. They had one daughter, Mary.

Elizabeth (1810 – 1841), married James Connor. They had a son and two daughters, James, Susannah and Caroline.

Daniel (1813 – 1875).

Thomas (1814 – 1879), married Mary Ann Mackie. They had 2 sons and 2 daughters, Mary Ann, Thomas, Arthur and Alice.

Peter (1818 – 1892), married Louisa D’Arcy Sadler. They had 5 sons and 5 daughters, Arthur, Mary, Thomas, William, Caroline, James, Louisa, Elizabeth, Henry, Lillian and Matilda.

Sarah (1820 – 1859), married James Lillis. They had 3 sons and 2 daughters, Thomas, Peter, James, Caroline and Mary.


Sixteenth Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Patrick Trainer.

Born about 1773 in Downpatrick, County Down, Ireland.

Arrived on the convict transport Marquis of Cornwall on 11th February 1796. He was from Downpatrick, County Down, Northern Ireland and was convicted of a felony. Patrick’s occupation was a shoemaker. He was granted a certificate of freedom in October 1809.

Married 1813 to Mary Hines Connor.

In 1823 he obtained a grant of land, about half an acre, on Castlereagh Street, on the northern side of Liverpool Street. He had the lease for 21 years with an annual rent of 2 pounds, 2 shillings and 2 pence.

Died 27th August 1839 in Sydney.

Sixteenth Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Mary Hines Connor.

Born 1786 Warwickshire, England.

Arrived on the convict transport Sydney Cove in June 1807. She was convicted on 24th March 1806 in Warwickshire for stealing from a house and was sentenced to 7 years transportation. She received a Certificate of Freedom on 28th February 1811

Died 31st January 1850.

Other children of their marriage:

James (1809 – 1859). Married Ann Norman.

Catherine (1811 – 1871). Marred Thomas Willis.  They had 5 sons and 6 daughters, Thomas, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, William, Ann, John, Jane, Henry, Eliza, George and Sarah.

Rose (1817 – 1820).

Sarah (1819 – 1850). Married James Day. They had 2 children Rosanna and Richard.