2 thoughts on “Maree’s Family Tree”

  1. My father John Crawford McMahon recently passed away and was the son of IVY Crawford and John (Jack) McMahon . Ivy who was the daughter of Rhoda Louisa Crawford . Ivy had another daughter whilst married to Walgers.
    Unfortunately Ivy died due to complications post the birth of my father Jack Crawford McMahon . Do you know what caused Rhoda to die 2 years after the loss of IVY. I don’t have a death certificate as yet.


    1. Hello Carolyn
      Your email sent me scrambling to fill in details and cross-check things. This is my husband’s family and I know more about their ancestors than they do. I don’t know how she died however tuberculosis was a common cause of death in the 1920’s. If you want to save some money when purchasing a death certificate you could use Joy Murrin who charges $18 for NSW certificates.
      I will be interested to see what the cause is. I searched TROVE and found death notices for her but they just indicate that she died at home. There were also several letters that were written by a Rhoda Crawford to the Melbourne Age newspaper, on complaining about the soot and smoke in her neighbourhood due to nearby businesses. It may not be her however as there may have been other Rgoda Crawford’s.
      My confusion with your email was because my husband had a rare catch-up with his family on Christmas Day and heard that his uncle died (the husband of his aunt Rhoda whose name was Crawford before she married). And I have often emailed his other uncle, John Crawford, who had some interest in family history. My husband’s mother was the daughter of Rhoda’s son Alan Hogarth Crawford.

      Good luck with your quest.

      I would be interested in anything you find.



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